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tout terrain wurde 2004 gegründet angekommen und obwohl die Firma gemessen an den Zeit-Horizonten andere Firmen natürlich sehr jung ist kommt uns die Zeit aufgrund der ereignisreichen letzten Jahre und der vielen gemachten Erfahrung viel länger vor. Dabei hat sich eigentlich nicht so viel geändert. Wir haben immer noch die gleiche Passion für das Radfahren wie in den "Gründertagen", fahren und testen noch immer  unsere eigenen Produkte, wir optimieren viele Kleinigkeiten Tag ein Tag aus und lassen das Feedback unserer Kunden in die Entwicklung mit einfließen, um so kontinuierlich Details zu verbessern. Jedes einzelne tout terrain Produkt ist für einen ganz spezifischen Einsatzbereich entwickelt und oft das Resultat von jahrelanger Reise-, und Fahrrad-Erfahrung. Mehr erfahren Sie hier.


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Journey Magazin 01/2019
Journey Magazin 01/2019
Emjoy a free copy of our Journey magazine - add it to your order or download a digital PDF copy below. The manufactory We open our doors and give you an insight into the heart of our company. Come on in! New Products On road or off? Our...
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Cinq Power Kit
Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II
The Plug III works best with the SPP - buy this combo pack save! The Plug is beautiful in its simplicity, with complete integration of the electronics into the top cap. The internals are fully encapsulated in a polymer and contained in a...
€239.00 * €280.50 *
Cinq Shift:R Road Pinion
Shift:R Road for Pinion
We have colaborated with leading brake manufacturer TRP to develop a unique shifting experience for Pinion equipped bikes. The Cinq Shift:R Road for Pinion is the first integrated shifter brake lever system for use with Pinion C-Line...
€649.00 *
Plug5 Plus with PowerModule
Plug5 plus
The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of our fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions. Always-On The power module...
€259.00 *
Cinq Shift:R Tour Pinion
Shift:R Tour for Pinion
The Shift:R Tour for Pinion brings trigger shifting to Pinion bikes. Incorporating our second generation of Shift:R technology, this shift system provides an alternative to the standard Pinion twist-shifter. The Shift:R Tour for Pinion...
€349.00 *
Cinq Touring Fork
Cinq Touring Fork
The Cinq touring fork is designed to bring cargo mounting reliability and weight savings to traditional touring bikes. The fork is has clearance for 50c tires tires and axle-to-crown lenth of 400mm which makes it suitable for a wide...
€590.00 *
Verbindungskabel Plug II mit PAT II Technology
Connecting cable Plug II with PAT II technology
Replacement PAT II cable for Plug III, or upgrade for the Plug II. For the latter, users of smartphones or battery packs can benefit from maximized output during touring. The extra power is hidden inside the steerer tubes so no...
€24.90 *
Cinq Shift:R Tour Pinion
Shift:R Tour for Rohloff
A thumb actuated shifter is what many Rohloff Speedhub riders have been longing for. In the latest generation of the Shift:R Tour we have succeeded in developing a product which, combined with the legendary Rohloff Speedhub, provides the...
€299.00 *
Cinq Adventure Fork
Cinq Adventure Fork
The Cinq Adventure fork is designed specifically for the rigors of off-road adventure: bikepacking, off-road expedition touring and bikerafting. The fork is has clearance for 27.5x3" and 29x3" tires and suspension-corrected axel to crown...
€590.00 *
Cinq Shift:R Road Rohloff
Shift:R Road for Rohloff
Many cyclists choose drop handlebars - and love the Rohloff Speedhub. For tourers and randonneurs, the flexibility of a racing handlebar is ideal. On long rides it is expecially important to change your hand position frequently to avoid...
€599.00 *
Cinq Expedition Cage Empty
Cinq Expedition Cage
The Cinq Expedition Cage can carry almost any 1.5-2 l PET bottle and pack rolls. Made of high quality stainless steel, it can be bent and shaped for greater clamping force depending on the bottle. In contrast to other PET bottle holders,...
€39.00 *
Cinq Plug III Top Cap
Plug III Top Cap - Replacement
If your Plug III is broken or damaged outside of warranty, we offer the Plug III top cap with sealed electronics as spare part. The PAT II cable is available separately.
€115.00 *
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