Shift:R Road for Rohloff


  • Shift up to three gears at once for sporty riding
  • Shifter/Brake levers with fully hydraulic TRP Hylex disc brakes
  • Easy installation: With ORS (Optimized Remount Sequence) technology, the gear position of the Shift:R and the Speedhub don’t require synchronization
  • ICM (Inverse Cable Mount) technology: An extremely compact shifting mechanism is integrated in the Shift:R Box

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Shift:R Road for Rohloff

Many cyclists choose drop handlebars - and love the Rohloff Speedhub. For tourers and randonneurs, the flexibility of a racing handlebar is ideal. On long rides it is expecially important to change your hand position frequently to avoid fatigue. The Cinq Shift:R Road with integrated shifting and hydraulic braking lets you shift your Rohloff Speed hub on drop handlebars and with unrivalled ergonomics and reliability. The ability to shift up to three gears at a time give you the freedom to ride hard, while maintaining full control through the integrated brake/gear levers.
We use only the highest quality materials in the Shift:R Box: An impact-resistant 6061 aluminium housing, and special stainless shift for the mechanism for which enhances shift smoothness and provides a long service life. The spring assembly is equipped with overload protection.
We have partnered with TRP (Tektro Racing Products) to produce our shifters, and use the proven and extremely high-quality Hylex hydraulic grip and disc-brake caliper and with our modified Cinq lever blade.


More detailed information can be downloaded here.

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Shift:R Road for Rohloff

Shift:R Road for Rohloff

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Your questions - Our answers

I have general questions about the product (4)
1. Can the Shift:R be installed internally or externally?

Both versions of the Shift:R for Rohloff can only be mounted on Rohloff hubs with external shift control. Rohloff hubs can be converted from internal to external control. This has to be done by Rohloff, please contact your local service center.

2. Can it be combined with Pinion?

The shift levers for the Tour and Road versions are identical between Pinion and Rohloff, however different Shift:R Boxes are required.

3. Are the levers on the Pinion and Rohloff versions identical?

Yes, both levers are identical.

4. Can the Shift:R Road be used with mechanical brakes?

No, this is not possible.

I have questions about use (7)
1. My Shift:R creaks or feels “scratchy” on one or both sides when shifting.

This is caused by too much shift cable tension, causing one of the pawl mechanisms to remains in contact with the gears. Reduce the tension of the opposite (!) lever until the switching noise disappears. See instructions.

2. Shifting is not possible, the levers will not move.

The cable tension is too high, reduce cable tension on both sides.

3. How come I can only shift one gear?

Depending on the pawl position, a bit of “backlash” can occur. That means, if you change shift direction then a small gap must be closed before shifting engages. If you can only shift one gear if you have not changed direction, increase the tension slightly. (see instructions)

4. Can I shift under load?

Somtimes. Gearbox gears without a clutch cannot be shifted under high load, unlike derailleur systems. It is not necessary to completely stop un-weight your pedal stroke, only to reduce pressure.

5. Can I use the Shift:R year-round?

Of course! Please note that in winter conditions the demands on the material and the possibility of corrosion are increased due to road salt. As with all components, this can results in increased maintenance and servicing costs.

6. After shifting when the lever returns to its original position, I hear a ratcheting noise. Is this normal?

Yes, that sound is the Shift:R Box ratchet returning into position for the next shift.

7. Can I also use the Shift:R Tour on mountain bikes?

There is no reason not to use the Shift:R Tour on mountain bikes. That being said, the Shift:R Tour series is not necessarily designed for “advanced” or “hardcore” mountain biking in mind as the shifting behaviour in combination with the gearbox is not as defined, and the ability to shift under load is limited in comparison to a modern derailleur. Technically, however, there are no problems in this application.

I have questions about maintenance (3)
1. What are the maintenance intervals?

We recommend checking the cables and lubricating the Shift:R Box annually with the maintenance of the gearbox or hub. Please refer to the care instructions in the product manual.

2. What cables should I use?

Commercially available shift cables can be used.

3. Do I have to, or can I use a brake housing for assembly?

Absolutely not! Brake housing does not offer enough rigidity to allow sufficient shifting precision.

I have questions about assembly (2)
1. Can I carry out the assembly myself?

It is possible if you have experience with bicycle drivetrains and gearboxes. If in doubt, however, we always recommend going to a specialist.

2. Do I have to/can I use a brake sleeve for the assembly?

Absolutely not! Brake housing does not offer enough rigidity to allow sufficient shifting precision.



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