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Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II
Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II
Besides the SMART Funktionen (LED flashlight, backup bicycle rear light, SOS flash-function) the Smart Power Pack II can be used as buffer battery for the Plug. Your advantages Price advantage of more than 20% compared to single purchase...
€239.00 * €280.50 *
Plug III
Plug III
The Plug III is beautiful in its simplicity, with complete integration of the electronics into the top cap. The internals are fully encapsulated in a polymer and contained in a housing made entirely of aluminum resulting in the best...
€159.00 *
Plug5 Plus with PowerModule
Plug5 plus
The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of our fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions. Specifications: Compatibility:...
€259.00 *
Smart Power Pack
Smart Power Pack II
The Smart Power Pack is the perfect match for the mobile bicycle globetrotter. Numerous smart features make this a unique, multi-purpose device. Used for recharging smartphones or GPS devices, it is equally suitable for outdoor...
€99.00 *
Regenüberzug für Mule
Rain Cover for Mule
The rain cover is the perfect accessory to keep your cargo clean and dry. Even if you carry waterproof bags, the rain cover helps prevent water and dirt from building up, and is easier to clean than your luggage. The cover has an elastic...
€39.00 *