Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II

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Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II

The Plug III works best with the SPP - buy this combo pack save! The Plug is beautiful in its simplicity, with complete integration of the electronics into the top cap. The internals are fully encapsulated in a polymer and contained in a housing made entirely of aluminum resulting in the best possible protection from humidity and external impacts.
The Smart Power Pack II is used as buffer battery for the Plug, and also includes SMART Funktions (LED flashlight, backup bicycle rear light, SOS flash-function)
  • Save more than 20% compared to purchasing individually
  • Compatible with any phone & tablet (with up to 1.5 mA power draw)
  • Uninterrupted power supply even in stop-and-go operation
Package includes:
1 x Plug III, incl. aheadset expander
1 x Smart Power Pack II
1 x X-Mount
1 x Micro-USB cable short

Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II

Cinq Power Kit

Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II

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Your questions - Our answers

I have general questions about the product (11)
1. What is the Smart Power Pack (SPP)?

The SPP is a mobile outdoor USB buffer battery designed for bicycle hub dynamo power supplies, especially the Plug III. It can be used to charge many electronic devices such as GPS devices, MP3 players or smartphones, which can be powered via a USB cable. It also has an integrated flashlight with the LED Smart functions, taillight, lamp and SOS light, which work for up to 3 days.

2. Why do I need a buffer memory?

A USB power supply powered by a dynamo hub does not provide a constant supply during slower uphill riding, or frequent traffic light stops in city traffic. This often results in device charging prompts as the charge cycle is frequently interrupted. To prevent this, the SPP is connected between the power source (eg. Plug III) and your device. Both USB ports can be used simultaneously, enabling simultaneous charging and discharging.

3. What is the SPP’s intended use?

The SPP has been developed for hikers, adventurers and especially cyclists who carry electronic devices on the road and also want to charge them. Of course, it can also be used on its own as a battery bank, but it reaches its full potential when used in combination with the Plug III dynamo power supply so it can be charged on the move. The intended use is cycling of all kinds - there are no restrictions regarding the range of use, i.e. it can be used on trekking, touring, city and road bikes as well as on mountain bikes.

4. What distinguishes the SPP from other power banks?

The advantages of the SPP compared to conventional power banks is the ability to charge and discharge simultaneously, and accept the inconsistent power generated by a dynamo hub. The unique Flexcharge system allows it to do this even at very low speeds. In addition, its robust construction and the helpful Smart functions reduce the amount of equipment you need, make it ideal for outdoor use - especially on bicycle tours.

5. What is the Flexcharge System?

The Flexcharge system offers the ability to control the current with which the SPP is charged. It is possible to charge the SPP at speeds starting from 7km/h when riding slowly or uphill, or set to charge more quickly when riding at higher speeds. This allows you to make the best use of the power provided by the dynamo. The settings to control the Flexcharge system can be found in the operating instructions.

6. Under what conditions should I consider NOT using the SPP?

The SPP should not be used in heavy rain without a cap, as the USB socket can get wet when the cable is plugged in. Do not use the SPP at extreme temperatures above 50°C or below -10°C, as this can significantly shorten the battery life and irreparably damage the cell. The optimum operating temperature is between 10°C and 35°C.

7. How can I recharge my SPP?

You can charge your SPP via its Micro USB port with a Micro USB cable to any USB power source that complies with the USB specifications (USB 220V power supply, PLUG III, PC-USB sockets etc.). You should set the Flexcharge rate to match that of your charge power source – if they do not match, the SPP may not charge at the optimal speed (or at all).

8. Is the SPP waterproof or protected against splashing water?

The SPP is protected against splashing water (e.g. light rain) by a closed protective cap. The connector itself is not pretected when a device is plugged in. Avoid high pressure and streaming water at all costs.

9. My SPP doesn't charge while riding with a Plug III, or only while riding at 26km/h or more.

Your Flexcharge system may be set to charge with too much current. If your SPP only charges at over 20 Km/h, the quick-charge mode is probably activated. Select the Flexcharge mode with a lower charge current. You can find the instructions for adjusting the settings in the product manual.

10. My SPP charges very slowly while plugged into a wall outlet.

Your Flexcharge system may be set to a low charge speed normally used for charging from a dynamo hub. When plugged into a wall socket, select the quick charge mode to 900mA. You can find the instructions for adjusting the settings in the product manual.

11. The LED’s do not turn on any more, or the SPP cannot be switched on.

In this case please contact our support team.

I have questions about using the device (4)
1. Which devices can I use the SPP with?

Theoretically, the SPP can be used in combination with any device that is capable of external USB operation or can even be charged via USB and operated simultaneously. This should be the majority of mobile phones, MP3 and GPS devices. Due to the large number of devices it is not possible for us to test all devices. Please check with your device manufacturer the exact behavior when connecting to an external USB power supply.

2. Can I charge/operate my iPhone or other smartphone on the SPP?

Yes, you can use it with an iPhone without a special charging cable. The exact functionality of your smartphone depends on the power requirements of your device. If this does not exceed 1.5A, your smartphone should charge. Due to the large number of devices it is not possible for us to test all devices. Please check with your device manufacturer the exact behavior when connecting to an external USB power supply.

3. Can I load my tablet with the SPP?

Yes, as long as his device does not require more than the maximum output current of the SPP of 1500mA. But keep in mind that the battery of a tablet is much larger and you will get a very small charge increase.

4. Can I charge multiple devices at once?

Yes, but this requires a USB multiple connector. In addition, the total power consumption of the connected devices must not exceed the provided power of the SPP of 7,5W.

I have questions about technology (9)
1. What functions/settings does the SPP have?

The SPP has an integrated LED flashlight with a white LED on the front and red LEDs on the back. It also has an adjustable charging current, a charge status display and an adjustable "Auto on/off" function

2. Which light modes or smart functions does the SPP have?

For the flashlight there are the operating modes "Flashlight", "Taillight" and "SOS". Please refer to the instructions for the setting options.

3. What is the capacity of the Li-Ion cell?

The lithium-ion battery of the SPP has a capacity of ≥ 3200mAh at a nominal voltage of 3.7V.

4. What power does the SPP provide?

The SPP has a maximum output power of 7.5W, which corresponds to a current of 1500mA at the USB nominal voltage of 5V.

5. Do I need special cables to use the SPP?

No. To charge the SPP you need a standard Micro USB cable, and the output uses a standard type A USB socket. The outgoing cable is determined by your device.

6. What must I be riding to charge the SPP from a dynamo hub?

The Flexcharge system charges the SPP from an input current of 100mA. This is already provided by Plug III from a speed of approx. 7 Km/h. Please refer to the instructions for the setting options.

7. How do I set up the Flexcharge system?

You can adjust the Flexcharge system according to your needs. Please see the manual.

8. Can I damage the SPP by incorrectly charging or discharging it?

No. The SPP has integrated charging electronics, so overcharging or deep discharge is impossible. The charging display also shows the current charge level.

9. What do the LED displays mean?

The SPP has a charge status LED which indicates the charge status by colour gradation. Two rear LEDs as well as one front LED are also illuminated during the charging process.

I have questions about assembly (3)
1. On which bicycles can I mount the SPP?

The SPP can be used on hybrid, trekking, touring, city and road bikes as well as mountain bikes. The X-Mount makes mounting on possible on virtually all types of bikes. This bracket is available as an optional accessory.

2. Can I mount the SPP myself?

Yes, thanks to the X-Mount mount, the SPP can be mounted in seconds without any special skills or tools.

3. How do I mount the SPP to my bike?

The best way to mount the SPP to your bike is with our X-Mount mount. This makes it possible to attach the SPP to various points on the bicycle within seconds, without screws, and to remove it just as quickly.

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