EN Smart Power Pack

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What functions/settings does the SPP have?

The SPP has an integrated LED flashlight with a white LED on the front and red LEDs on the back. It also has an adjustable charging current, a charge status display and an adjustable "Auto on/off" function

Which light modes or smart functions does the SPP have?

For the flashlight there are the operating modes "Flashlight", "Taillight" and "SOS". Please refer to the instructions for the setting options.

What is the capacity of the Li-Ion cell?

The lithium-ion battery of the SPP has a capacity of ≥ 3200mAh at a nominal voltage of 3.7V.

What power does the SPP provide?

The SPP has a maximum output power of 7.5W, which corresponds to a current of 1500mA at the USB nominal voltage of 5V.

Do I need special cables to use the SPP?

No. To charge the SPP you need a standard Micro USB cable, and the output uses a standard type A USB socket. The outgoing cable is determined by your device.

What must I be riding to charge the SPP from a dynamo hub?

The Flexcharge system charges the SPP from an input current of 100mA. This is already provided by Plug III from a speed of approx. 7 Km/h. Please refer to the instructions for the setting options.

How do I set up the Flexcharge system?

You can adjust the Flexcharge system according to your needs. Please see the manual.

Can I damage the SPP by incorrectly charging or discharging it?

No. The SPP has integrated charging electronics, so overcharging or deep discharge is impossible. The charging display also shows the current charge level.

What do the LED displays mean?

The SPP has a charge status LED which indicates the charge status by colour gradation. Two rear LEDs as well as one front LED are also illuminated during the charging process.

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