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Can I disable Plug5 Pure?

No. The Plug5 Pure needs virtually no power if no device is plugged in.

What does it mean when the LED is on?

The LED indicates that the dynamo has enough power to supply the USB port when no device is plugged in. When the device is plugged in, a pulsing LED means that the device is supplied with sufficient power.

At what speeds does the Plug5 Pure function?

This depends on various factors, including the hub dynamo used or the wheel size. The smaller the wheel, the lower the required speed. The Plug5 Pure provides from approx.12km/h enough power to operate or charge a Smartphone or a GPS device.

How much power does the plug provide?

The power provided depends on the speed. The Plug5 Pure provides a maximum of 700 mA from about 12 km/h.

Which dynamo hubs are suitable for use with the Plug5 Pure?

The dynamo should provide a power of 3W at a voltage of 6V. Older rim or tire models and 1.5W dynamos usually do not deliver enough power.

Why is the connector USB-C?

We use a USB-C connector, because it allows a more compact design and the connector can be connected in any orientation.

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