EN Plug5 Pure

I have questions about assembly

Do I need special tools for assembly?

No. When retrofitting your existing bike, note the removal/modification of the Star-nut. On our Youtube channel you will find a video on how to remove it.

Can I adjust the headset preload?

Yes, simply adjust the headset preload as you would on a normal topcap / Ahead system.

In which bikes can I install the Plug5 Pure?

In any bike with a stem that meets the 1 1/8" standard, except for bottom closed carbon forks. The Plug5 Pure cannot be used on bikes with Speedlifter, as it is not possible to run cables through the head tube.

How do I connect the Plug5 Pure to the dynamo hub?
Can I install the Plug5 Pure by myself?

Yes, but in case of any doubt you should have the installation carried out by a dealer or specialist.  With some manual skill and the appropriate tools listed in user manual, installation should not be a problem.

What do I have to pay attention to during assembly?

The USB socket of the Plug5 Pure should be facing forward during installation. In this orientation it is optimally protected against impact damage when the bicycle falls down. The Plug5 Pure should be kept in this orientation even if you turn the handlebars for transport. If the Plug5 Pure rotates during this process, it is possible to damage the wiring.

Is there a special Star-nut?

Yes, included with the Plug5 Pure is an Aheadset expander. This simplifies assembly as well as installation and removal. When retrofitting your existing bike, note the removal/modification of the star-nut.

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