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What is the Plug5 Pure?

The Plug5 Pure is a USB power supply which is powered by a bicycle’s dynamo hub.

What is the Plug5 Pure’s intended use?

The Plug5 Pure can be used on cycling tours of all kinds. There are no restrictions regarding the range of use, i.e. it can be used on trekking, touring, city and gravel bikes as well as on mountain bikes.

Can the Plug5 Pure be used on e-bikes?

Not wired-in directly. The Plug5 Pure is powered by alternating current, as provided by a dynamo hub. It is not possible to connect it to the DC power supply of an e-bike battery. If your e-bike is equipped with a dynamo hub this can of course be connected.

Why doesn't the Plug5 Pure have an integrated buffer battery?

The Plug5 Pure without internal battery allows flexible mounting options on all kind of bikes. The Plug5 Pure  is our device with integrated buffer battery.

Is there an external buffer battery?

Yes. The Cinq Smart Power Pack buffer battery is optimally tuned for operation with Plug5 Pure. 

Is the Plug5 Pure protected against theft?

Yes, since the Plug5 Pure is bolted to the bike, it cannot simply be removed. For further theft protection we recommend the use of Hexlox.

Can I operate the Plug5 Pure together with a lighting system?

Yes, if the Plug5 Pure is connected parallel to the light. It is important to note that both the light output and the power of the plug are reduced if both consumers are switched on at the same time. Therefore we recommend "either/or" operation.

Can I combine every light with the Plug5 Pure?

Due to enormous market diversity, it’s impossible to verify every light combination separately. However, we know in a few cases customers experienced issues with Busch + Müller IQ-X light. Therefore we don’t recommend this combination.

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