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Is the Plug5 Plus waterproof/protected against splash water?

The power module of the Plug5 Plus is waterproof, the USB plug is protected against splashing water by the Rotary Door. Avoid high pressure water and water steams at all costs

Can I disable Plug5 Plus?

No, the buffer battery is charged when the plug is not in use. If the buffer battery is full, the Plug5 Plus consumes very little power.

At what speed does Plug5 Plus work?

The buffer battery of the Plug5 Plus is charged from approx. 5km/h. The charging functionality of your device is independent of the speed driven.

Which dynamos are suitable for running Plug5 Plus?

The dynamo should provide a power of 3W at a voltage of 6V. Older rim or tire models and 1.5W dynamos usually do not deliver enough power.

Why is the connector USB-C?

We use a USB-C connector, because it allows a more compact design and the connector can be connected in any orientation.

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