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I have questions about assembly

In which bicycles can I install Plug5 Plus?

In any bike with a stem that meets the 1 1/8" standard, except for bottom closed carbon forks. The internal fork steerer tube must have an inner diameter greater than 24.1mm on the full length of at least 170mm.

The Plug5 Plus cannot be used on bikes with a Speedlifter, as it is not possible to run cables through the head tube.

How do I connect Plug5 Plus to the Dynamo?

Please refer to our instruction manual. This is available on the product page on our website.

Can install the Plug5 Plus by myself?

Yes, in case of doubt you should have the installation carried out by a specialist dealer, but with some manual skill and the tools according to the installation instructions the installation should not be a problem.

What do I have to pay attention to during assembly?

The USB socket of the Plug5 Plus should be facing forward during installation. In this orientation it is optimally protected against impact damage when the bicycle falls over. You should keep the Plug5 Plus in this orientation even if you twist the handlebars for transport. If Plug5 Plus rotates during this process, it is possible to damage the wiring.

Do I need special tools for assembly?

No. When retrofitting your existing bike, note the removal/modification of the star-nut. On our youtube channel you will find a video on how to remove it.

Can I adjust the headset preload?
The LED is illuminated white but my lighting system is not functioning.

If the PowerModule is connected incorrectly, the lighting does not work, but the status LED on the Plug5 Plus lights up white. Check the wiring according to the instructions.

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