Cinq Touring Fork

Cinq Touring Fork


  • Clearance for 27,5" x 2.2" or 28"x2.0" (700x50mm) tires
  • Great for touring and gravel applications
  • "No-Thread" stainless steel thru-bolt cargo mounting system avoids damaging threads permanently mounted in the carbon
  • Compatible with internal dynamo wiring for a clean setup
  • Light and fender mounts
  • Lightweight and strong

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Cinq Touring Fork

The Cinq touring fork is designed to bring cargo mounting reliability and weight savings to traditional touring bikes. The fork is has clearance for 50c tires tires and axle-to-crown lenth of 395mm which makes it suitable for a wide variety of wheel sizes and frame geometries. Beyond the basics, the fork has a host of features that really set it apart from other products in the segment: It is compatible with dynamo hubs with the ability to route wiring internally, giving you an elegant and robust connection to your dynamo and power supply, and with light mounts, you can run your favourite lighting system. The fork also uses a unique "no-thread" thru-bolt eyelet system which greatly reduces the stress on the carbon sidewalls, resulting in cargo carrying capacity and reliability that are second-to-none. With this design, the included stainless steel hardware is completely replacable - damaging or cross-threading a bolt no longer means your fork ends up going in for expensive repairs. Lighting and fender mounts give you the flexibility to configure the fork to suit your adventure.
The fork weighs in at 550g (without hardware), balancing strength, rigidity and carrying capacity - built so you can ride further.
  • Steerer Tube: Straight 1-1/8” - 346mm
  • Length (A/C height): 395mm at 47mm offset
  • Axle: 15mm x 100mm
  • Eyelets: Bikepacking and lowrider eyelets
  • Mounts: Lighting, fender, brake (native post-mount 160mm)
  • Electrical: Internal wiring cable routing for light and power supply
  • Tire clearance:  700x50mm
  • Weight: 550g w/o hardware, 640g w/hardware
  • Hardware: Includes axle and bolts/barrels


More detailed information can be downloaded here.

Cinq Touring Fork

Cinq Touring Fork

Cinq Touring Fork

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Your questions - Our answers

I have questions about assembly (7)
1. What is the installation height (axel-to-crown measurement) of the Touring Fork?

The installation height is 395mm. 

2. What size or width of tyres can I ride on the Touring Fork?

You can use tires up to 28" x 50mm or 27,5" x 2.1".

3. Can I install a Plug5 Plus?

Yes, this is possible after a certain production batch of Plug5 Plus. Please contact our support team for more information.

4. Can I mount a mudguard?

Yes, but keep in mind that this affects the maximum tire size and clearance.

5. Can I use a lowrider? If so, which one?

Yes, we have special mounting kits available for the Tubus Duo and Tara models.

6. Can I install a light?

Yes, this is possible. The wiring is internally routed.

7. Which dynamo hubs can I use with your forks?

We have tested SON and Shutter Precision dynamo hubs. In both cases, the 15mm thru axle variant without direct contact (SON) must be used.

I have questions about use (2)
1. Is the Touring Fork suitable for mountain bikes?

No. The Touring Fork is a fork for Gravel Bike and Touring Bike use. 

2. What is the maximum weight of the bags and what is the maximum payload?

The maximum payload is 12 kg total or 6 kg per side.

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